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Image by Kym Ellis
Image by Scott Warman

The true
story of

What is common between being a seasoned business professional experienced with developing “as-a-service” business models in healthcare, and being an Italian wine lover?

In this blog, we want to tell you how our professional backgrounds and personal preferences mixed to give birth to, initially, a crazy idea which then turned into a product concept, before becoming a real project, and, who knows, a future business.

Our goal, with this blog, is to share with you our learnings from building a XaaS business from scratch and establishing an e-commerce brand in a crowded marketplace such as wine resellers.

We will tell you how this idea developed, week after week; we will tell how we surprisingly gain support, about the unexpected hurdles we face and the solutions we find.

We’ll probably ask your feedback and advice as well!

Reading this blog, you will learn about and, hopefully enjoy, the true story of Iwilo.

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