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Ellena Giuseppe

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ellena 1.jpg

Video & photos made by Massimo Gavello- Langhe TV


Today Matteo and his father Giuseppe work in the company, intertwining ancient traditions and innovation in a harmony of knowledge which links wines to the territory and to those who produce them.


In 2009, after concluding his university studies and after some work experiences at Altare winery in La Morra and Giacomo Bologna in Rocchetta Tanaro, the young Matteo decided to take over his family company, helped by the experience of his father Giuseppe. It was Francesco Ellena, Giuseppe's father, born in 1922, together with his brother – Giovanni, who, after working as sharecroppers in several farms in La Morra, bought the current farmhouse in 1966 and they made viticulture the family's main activity.
Renovation works of the nineteenth-century cellar for the ageing of Barolos were undertaken.
Matteo’s decision to embark on this new experience was dictated by his strong passion for the land, which his grandfather and father transmitted to him through the years.

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Macarini vigneto
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In the vineyard ancient viticulture is practiced with some hints of modernity. The vineyard management follows the dictates of integrated agriculture, which limits the use of synthetic products, preferring mechanical work and low environmental impact control methods. All the vineyards of the family are in La Morra.


The company produces 7 wines, mainly reds and one white, the Langhe Nascetta. In the cellar they try to respect the grapes as much as possible, making delicate vinification for the young wines and long maceration, even 60 days, for the Barolo.

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