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Negretti 5.jpg
Negretti 5.jpg

Video & photos made by Massimo Gavello- Langhe TV


Passion and love for wine have always been the roots of the Negretti family. And it is precisely this bond with the Langa region that has driven and motivated the Negretti brothers to set up the Azienda Agricola of the same name, which was recently established in 2003 in the rolling hills of La Morra. It is a young, dynamic and enterprising business, which, however, does not forget the past and the traditions left to them by their great-grandparents, wine growers and already producers from the early years of the last century.


The two founders of the company are the brothers Massimo (wine technician at the ITAES in Alba and oenologist at the Faculty of Agriculture in Turin) and Ezio (wine technician at the ITAES in Alba and graduate in Business Administration at the SAA in Turin), who personally take care of both the vineyard and the various necessary steps that the grapes take to arrive in the glasses of wine lovers.

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There are about 13 hectares of property, including the Rive and Bettolotti vineyards in La Morra and the Bricco Ambrogio vineyard in Roddi.

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The Negretti brothers produce four Barolos: Barolo Bricco Ambrogio, Barolo Rive, Barolo Mirau and Barolo classico. Also worth mentioning are the two Nebbiolos produced, Barbera d'Alba, Chardonnay and Rosato.

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