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Meet The Team: Meet The Team

About us

"A bit of background: my colleagues and I used to work in Cuneo, Italy. We frequently enjoyed dining together and discovering some of the best kept secret wines of the Piemont region. We came to imagine a way to make easily discovering these wines to our friends who appreciate tasty Italian wines as much as we do… Iwilo concept was born!"

Patrick K.

Let us introduce ourselves

Portrait Patrick Koch-12.jpg

Patrick Koch

Business developer.

Passionate about transforming traditional business into digital ecosystem and true wine lover.

Monica Canta

Marketing expert.

Interested about all forms of communication.

Profound lover of her region... the Piemont.


Our partners

We partner with a few Italian wine connoisseurs who have a passion for and expertise in selecting wines that are not only delicious but also truly unique. 

At Iwilo, we are proud to offer our customers access to Italian wines that are made in limited quantities and are difficult to find anywhere else.  ​

Délices de la toscane

Delices de Toscane is a fine Italian family-run delicatessen located in Charleroi. The products are personally selected by Carlo and Alessandro, the two managers, together with their mother Marie, of the Delices de Toscane.  The high quality of the products on offer and the constant search for excellence are the mainstay of this gastronimy.

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