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Made by Italian Wine Lovers for Italian Wine Lovers.

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You appreciate tasty wines but you are not an expert sommelier.

You like to discover original flavors and grapes but you feel lost in front of the hundreds of different labels on the shelves of your local wine shop or supermarket. You are tired to always purchase the same few bottles that you know.

Then, welcome to Iwilo!

We are some Italian Wine Lovers who decided to bring a simple way of discovering tasty Italian wines to those who suffered the same pains! Read more below.

Trust & Taste

Iwilo brings, every month and at your door, a selection of 3 Piemont’s best kept secret wines in a secure pack. 

These wines are selected by us, Italian wine lovers, based on recommendations of local experts and produced by small and eco-friendly family wineries.

It leaves you only to trust us and taste our monthly selection!

Wine Decanter

Get Lost when choosing a good bottle of Italian wine?

  • If like us, you appreciate tasty wines witout being an expert

  • If like us, you get lost in front of hundreds of different wines without knowing which one will please you or your friends

  • If like us, you get tired to hesitate then finally get dissappointed by the random choice you made


      Then, make your life easy and subscribe to Iwilo!


A great land, rich in history and love of wine

Piemont, a land of wines, of great wines, among the most important and renowned in Italy and the world, including Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Moscato.
Piemont is a small, elegant region in the north-west of Italy. Its hills occupy 30% of the territory, on which wine growing is almost exclusively developed. There are few wine-growing areas in the world where the combination of soil, climate and grape variety is as important in defining the organoleptic characteristics of wines as in Piemont, giving them an impressive tannic texture and excellent balsamic impact.
The wine-growing landscapes of Piemont, Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, are also of rare beauty and became a World Heritage Site in 2014.
Viticulture in Piemont has very ancient origins, dating back some 2,500 years, but it was only in the 19th century that the great Piemontese reds took on the connotations that have made them famous throughout the world. First of all Barolo (the wine of kings and the king of wines!).
Today, Piemont has an annual production of 2.580 million hectolitres of wine, 81% of which has PDO (protected designation of origin) certification.

Try and enjoy

Visit our shop and subscribe to our secret wines discovery pack

Not sure what to offer for Christmas? Use our gift card for a tasteful experience!

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About Us

"A bit of background: my colleagues and I used to work in Cuneo, Italy. We frequently enjoyed dining together and discovering some of the best kept secret wines of the Piemont region. We came to imagine a way to make easily discovering these wines to our friends who appreciate tasty Italian wines as much as we do… Iwilo concept was born!"

Patrick K.

Meet the team

Portrait Patrick Koch-12.jpg

Patrick Koch

Business developer.

Passionate about transforming traditional business into digital ecosystem and true wine lover.

Monica Canta

Marketing expert.

Interested about all forms of communication.

Profound lover of her region... the Piemont.


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