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Alone faster, together further!

The previous post left you with a business concept emerging from a crazy idea born during a team dinner: we want to build the Netflix of Piedmont wines 😊 and like good wines, this concept is slowly maturing:

  • it should be as easy as Netflix to subscribe and stop subscribing;

  • it should be as simple as Amazon, with planned and secure deliveries at home;

  • it should be as predictable as your internet bill: a monthly charge on your credit card.

Further visits to wine subscription websites give me some more insights and help to differentiate our idea: “we are only few people willing to share a passion for great but unknown wines with other people who like us, are lost among the hundreds of wines in shops and supermarkets.” That’s sound like a great starting point!

All this gets into the initial PowerPoint presentation which we discuss with the ‘team dinner’ colleagues and guess what: Monica, Daniel and Clemens are interested to join me and develop the concept into a project: a team is born!

Daniel has good connections with some Piedmont family winemakers and local wineshops. Monica, as a digital marketing master, can for sure help building the digital assets while Clemens can hold the finance keys. By bringing our respective skills and capabilities together, the start-up is ready to take off!

In the next post, you will learn how the brand name came to live. So, stay tuned!

Monica & Patrick

The Iwilo team

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