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Team dinners can sometimes produce crazy ideas

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

It all started about a year ago, in September 2021. Having a team dinner with some colleagues on an outdoor terrasse, enjoying the warm summer evenings of Cuneo while sharing some Piemont wines. Lively discussion goes on; fun, friendship and laughts😊.

Then the topic “local wines” came on the table. We all agreed: wines here are excellent but why do so few people outside the Piemont region know about them?

Few more glasses further, we were now discussing how we possibly could enjoy tasting events to

select some local ‘best kept secret’ wines and share this selection with our friends and families!

We could even offer them to discover these wines by subscribing to a service, like a Netflix of Italian wines... when business modelling is being brainstromed at dinner😊 ...we closed this productive dinner by even inventing a name for this service: Patrick’s list....

This idea kept sticking around in the next days, as I went to a wine reseller to buy some local bottles before returning to Belgium.

Back home, I started to test this crazy idea around me: the name doesn’t work but the idea is


In the next post, you will learn how this crazy idea turned into a business concept.

So, stay tuned!

The Iwilo team

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