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Turning an idea into a concept

In the previous post, we told you how a team dinner produced a crazy idea: Patrick’s list would

become the Netflix of Piemont wines!

This idea kept pinging our minds, so we started digging the internet... Google, key words : wine as a service, wine subscription. And guess what.... ?!

This concept already exists ! In US of course, but even in Belgium! So we won’t “invent” something new ☹ ... While this finding created a bit of dissapointement at first, it also conforted us that the idea was worth to investigate further.

The next step is then to expand the markey survey; we talk with more friends, especially those who

enjoy tasting wine, and even better Italian ones ! Virginie has a friend who launched a similar

concept, she asks me “do you know Le Vin du Mois ?” Michael knows someone who launched “gin in a box”. Ignace and Saskia like the concept ... as I was expecting: we enjoyed drinking wine together so many times!

Browsing the internet, collecting some competitive intelligence, and brainstorming with friends on

this topic get my brain excited. One way to cool it down: write down the ideas.

After a couple of iterations, now we have a powerpoint describing the key features of a future wine

subscription service with some details .... the crazy idea turned into a business concept!

In the next post, you will learn how this business concept gathered some further traction.

So, stay tuned!

Monica & Patrick

The Iwilo team

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